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LY-350W 350W outdoor beam moving head


LY-350W 350W outdoor beam moving head


1.【Voltage】AC90∽240V 50/60HZ
2. [Lamp] Taiwan's excellent light 350W or Philips 350W; (2000 hours)
3. [Power consumption] 600W
4. [Optics] 3 lens lens sets
6. [Electronic Focus] Using high precision glass optical lens, 50000 LUX at 20 meters
7. [Channel mode] 16/20 international standard DMX512 channels
8. [Horizontal scanning] 540° (16bit precision scanning), vertical scanning: 280° (16bit precision scanning)
9. [Color plate] 1 fixed color wheel has 14 color chips, half color effect, linear color conversion and two-way variable rotation rainbow effect
10.【Pattern plate】17 pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
11.[Double prism plate] Double prisms can be superimposed, 2X24 prisms (8/16 prisms or other prisms are optional) can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions, and have prism positioning function.
12. [Strobe] Strobe speed 1-20 times per second, pulse strobe, synchronous asynchronous strobe.
13. [Atomization] 1 independent atomization effect
14. [dimming] 0%-100% linear dimming, atomization: 0%-100% linear atomization
Lamp design: 1. Shell design: humanized multi-module structure, streamlined ABS flame retardant high temperature engineering plastics and high strength alloy cold press forming core material
15. [waterproof grade] IP65


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